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Really excited about this Madrid based, open source, SVG alternative to Figma for
Consider boosting?

@Atomicbutterfly 👀 tendré que probarlo will have to try it 🤔

@pintoch @Atomicbutterfly Ah - yes! Just learned about it last week & already signed up to some dev events about it. I think we should use it for OpenRefine - because of the right values alignment - although it still seems a bit limited capability-wise compared to other tools.

@lozross @pintoch remember how sketch and figma started out though. They were limited at the time. I think with support this can work.

@lozross @pintoch I hated figma for literally years and then it got good, then it got awesome.

@Atomicbutterfly @pintoch yep - true story! let's see how penpot develops, i still see it as a bit risky to use for bigger projects, but will definitely use it when the context suits and hope to see it flourish in the future 🌱

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