The people who work for you have three resources: time, energy, and give-a-fuck.

Time is the cheapest. It replenishes one hour every hour.

Energy is more expensive. When you're out, you need lots of time off to recharge.

Once give-a-fuck is burned, it's gone forever.

@aral Was a bit interested in Hey when I first heard of it, but have been very satisfied with fastmail so never tried Hey.

If you use #1password on desktop, and have #fastmail, you can integrate them to have 1password create a unique "masked" address for new logins, right in the client.

Unpopular opinion: we should normalize black people coming to Mastodon, being safe and speaking their minds.

They might talk about internal discomfort and biases we might hold.

It's not their responsibility to educate us. It's our responsibility to create a place where black people are accepted.

I was looking at the news this morning and I think it's the perfect time to bring this up.

#unity #responsibility #blackpride #minoritized #black

In the U.K. again, temporarily. Our flight was so delayed we arrived at midnight. Thankfully there was a late night cafe Nero open where I was able to ask for venti of warm milk for bubbah’s bottle

There are violent and oppressive systems at play in the economy. And, there are ways we behave (as a result) that make the effects of those systems on us worse. Busyness is a systemic problem and it’s an individual problem. We might not be able to fix the systemic issues on our own.

Great article by Eve Fairbanks from Wired about what will be lost with the demise of Twitter.

But also an explanation for why the SIZE of a network effect isn't as important as WHO uses the network effect.

Twitter was never about how many people used it—Facebook always had more users.

For better or worse, Twitter defined what was important in the public square—even as it never should have since it was owned by publicly traded corporation.

Good quote in screenshot.

Also, I’d love to be in community with other Mastodon instance admins. Can anyone point me toward that kind of group of people who know more about running an instance than I do? #mastodon #mastodonadmin

So I set up my own instance on digital ocean. But somehow there’s no admin bar? No site settings at all

Is having your account not named admin going to affect that?

OK, that's the trick! 👍 Thank you!
Now I only need to find some interesting instances to browse... 😉

My favourite thing about mastodon while using “Toot!” App is that you can just swipe to brows different instances, you don’t even need an account on that instance to read an instances public toots.

This makes instances a lot like lists. So I can browse and without needing to follow all the peeps there. Nice!

“Micro plastics have been found in beer, honey and 16/17 brands of sea salt tested”

I’m reading “The Uninhabitable Earth” and while the facts presented are very disturbing they are well known to anyone who cares.

The concept that I found novel and fascinating is seeing human history as not a linear progression but a ballooning process that squishes everything into a dense mishmash of humanity.


More authors on mastodon 🙏🏽 indie authors. Published ones. All the authors, please and thank you!

The Holocaust did not begin with killing; it began with words.

Genocides do not start with mass murder. That's where they end up.

Genocides & other mass atrocity crimes begin with words - specifically, with powerful people dehumanizing a minority.

Once they are seen as less than human, anything is possible, even mass murder.

👉 You can speak out loudly today for the rights of others, or you can stay silent & wait for tomorrow, when your rights will be taken away too.

A warm welcome to'S new Berlin offices...


Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg heißt Amazon und seinen Tower in Berlin willkommen.


I wonder why so many humans on social media appear to fair the Turing test. To some extent, I think the networks have rewarded us for one liner conflict. But that’s not all of it.

#4. Limit targeted advertising

Give users a good explanation on how they are profiled and why a specific user gets a specific targeted ad:

✔️ No ad targeting of children

✔️No ad targeting based on sensitive information (e.g. sexual orientation or religious beliefs)

European Commissioner Thierry Breton just joined Mastodon!

His first post, published right after a call with Elon Musk, made it clear that there is still huge work ahead for Twitter to comply with EU law:

1. Reinforce content moderation
2. Tackle disinformation
3. Implement transparent policies based on objective criteria (i.e., not via Twitter polls)
4. Limit targeted advertising
5. Prepare for an independent audit

More info: @EC_Commissioner_Breton

#DigitalServicesAct #DSA #Twitter

In a fair system, being poor wouldn’t affect you’re chances of poor health or death or learning. It would be neutral. And there are places that actively design systems to make it more neutral.

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