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CW // Arachnophobia. Seriously. Terrifying spider from the game Grounded. Also jumpscares. 

also wheres the cheapest place i can get a windows key skskksksks

anyways yeah i have a computer now cuz every trans person plays on pc and i was lonely. who want me?

if any of y'all could spread this person's gofundme around or donate I would appreciate it a lot!

if anyone knows how i could accomplish this without just slapping a bunch of images onto a page, let me know!

talk about burdsite 

i wanna make a topster with mixed media types, like for tv shows music games all mixed

Ashley channeled

not me googling “nooks cranny hours” like it’s a real store

cw pink capitalism 

cw pink capitalism 

getting ghosted multiple times rly traumatized me and idk why people talk about it so lightly

nsfw, dysphoria mention 

all caps vent existentialist doomsday 

hating kids, vent 

weight talk 

not subtweeting @karasu, they just made me think about it

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