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begone cats!

go away!!

im a man of dog!!!

*angelic singing*

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kinda gross 

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I think the reason I take so long to stop procrastinating every day might be because I take my meds too late... hm...

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why are all the trans people on pc (gaming) i dont get it

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does anyone on witches play xbox? i need more frens. i play lots of games but im currently playing minecraft, fortnite, terraria, destiny 2 (trying to at least), and have game pass as well

I feel like white people (myself included) need to stop boosting the voices of other white people and make an actual concerted effort to boost the voices of people of color.

With that in mind, I would really appreciate if anyone who sees this could subscribe to Shahem. He's a black queer person and he's hilarious and intelligent and is just one of many many many bipoc who are making good stuff without the recognition they deserve.

Channel link:

If I don't know anything about history and politics beyond what I've been told by my mostly American friends, where would I start? Please avoid recommending things written by white men, or really whites in general unless necessary. Im tired of listening to white people. Also I have ADHD so if anyone has tips on how to read when you have ADHD that would be nice too.

mental health 

sadposting about terfs, rambling my feelings 

cw food 

i downloaded mastodon cuz i got banned off twitter for threatening a reactionary. idk where this will go even. i cant find out how to change my profile picture.

im also very very very lesbian and trans

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