So there's this one dude on Instagram who made a post with him and his two sons holding guns tagging Gillette asking if it offends them.... Yes they're totally the offended ones there, very clear thank u.

So apparently Indiana has plans to introduce a bathroom bill, because of course they are. Fuck this state.

That said my real enjoyment was all the conservatives getting really really upset over a message that boils down to "hey men, be better".

So I saw that one razor ad people are talking about (which is probably the goal of the ad from a marketing standpoint, to gain publicity) and I gotta say for a corporation it was pretty decent.

I was complaining last night that there hadn't been a big snow yet in my area, but when I woke up today it's snowing pretty consistently and the roads are bad. Oc


Beautiful letter published in “Parents reflection on trans issues” 💕💒

I challenge anyone to not be moved by this account by the mother of a trans child... ⤵️

I'm looking to get into makeup again, all I have been doing is foundation, but there's more out there and I'm interested in it.

After a few weeks of great mood Faey, we are slowing inching back towards bad mood Faey.


Overwatch has a second LGBT character?

Don't make me laugh! All Overwatch characters are queer until proven otherwise.

Reinhardt? Gay.
Ana? Bi.
Widowmaker? Lesbian.
Moira? Trans.
McCree? Hecka gay.
Genji? Ace.
DVa? trans.

Find me a token straight in Overwatch, I'll wait.

I was without power for a few hours today, was pretty bored. Good news is it's back now!

If you’re a lesbian and you’ve ever boosted my toots pls know that I am now in love with you, sorry for the inconvenience

*Post gets 1 boost*

Haha fuxk you dad! I'm an influencer!

So I just got back from watching Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse, and it really lived up to the hype I've heard about it. I really loved it, really looking forward to the sequel, as well as the spider gwen movie.

I recently obtained some skinny jeans, and let me tell you, best $30 for one single pair of pants I've ever spent.

@hanny while you were busy converting the straights, i studied the gays


Not all trans people are gonna react vocally to being misgendered, sometimes we'll just hurt on the inside and never trust you again.

Someone just described the brain as a winey drug addict that knows something is missing, but not what. And it demands action now in regards to hormones. That feels fairly accurate to me.

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