Dawk Water channeled

I should probably post my latest finished object #knitting
Pattern: The Montrealer by Designs by Delz
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Maxima and Rowan Hemp Tweed

Anybody know where to find witchy clothes, ie reputable online stores that sell for plus size witches?

I'm working from home this morning just so I can take a shower at 9:45am, exactly 15 minutes past the 24 hours the plumber said I need to wait for the caulking to dry.

It tempted me shower earlier, but I'm no fool...caulking...I'm NO FOOL. *side-eyes at it*


Talk of depression and suicidal thoughts 

The sun feels judgemental today *squint* Who are you to judge me gaseous ball! *shakes fist*

My place of work is hiring for a technical assistant for our Northwest American's with Disabilities Act Center. If you're looking for a position in the Pacific Northwest/Seattle area, and have experience with the ADA, please consider applying! bit.ly/ContinuingEdCoordinator

Also, would be super helpful if anyone wants to share this to their feed. Thank you so much, sorry I hope this isn't considered spam, but I can delete if it is.

Any other kitchen witches out there? What's your ideal kitchen look like? Mine has plants and herbs hanging from the rafters, subway tile backsplash (*adjusts hipster glasses*), a big ol' island in the middle, and lots of friends and cooking all the time.

I'm a new witch learning the ways & finding my path! Looking for fellow new witches and experienced alike to talk to and ask advice. Also internet cookies, I want some cookies and I have no dessert here....👍🏻


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