Hear that sound?

That's the sound of a thousand cheetodust stained hands scrambling to write damage control on /pol/ about how ecigs are actually "the vaporous jew" and how Trump is playing 4 dimensional scrabble to outwit globalism

the alt right think of soy like it's the spinach from popeye the sailor man but instead of making him strong it just makes him have a vagina and listen to the lumineers

"D/s" in CWs stands for "Derivatives and stocks" and it's CW'd in a futile attempt by these mewling speculative investment motherfuckers to hide from the revolution

thank u for coming to my TED talk

One time I was gonna fuck this skinny blonde chick in high school but she told me she had a fart fetish and so I skedaddled

this isn't a shitpost or anything this actually happened to me in senior year

I too eschew social media platforms people actually use in favor of fragmented knockoffs of those platforms inhabited by kinnies and anarcholiberals

I staple my balls together in hope of being banned. And yet. I am greeted with retoots.

that college athlete blew out their acl for the learning experience and my entertainment. do not sully this american tradition with money.

The year is 2176, the leader of Britain goes to Brussels to perform the yearly tradition of begging for a Brexit deadline extension. No one is sure how this tradition started or what it means.
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