also, not dunking on viking metal, that's some good shit

varg vikernes can still suck shit though

buying a cool lighter so people think i'm a badass who smokes but actually i'm just a poser and also i'm varg vikernes and i burn down churches and get convicted of murder and i live in the woods and i own one outfit (a camoflauge onesie) and i ride my ATV and make youtube videos and ramble completely incoherently about what could charitably be described "inaccurate european history" and could uncharitably be described as "white power fanfiction" but a bunch of men who are 27 years old and listen to viking metal think i'm an enlightened genius anyway

welcome to taco bell, how much do you wish to punish your toilet

the fedeverse will inevitably be destroyed as leftist infighting and far-right clowns destroy the ultimately leaderless and disunited platform. it will be something kinda cool, but shortlived and ultimately crushed. 

diogenes would have driven a smartcar with truck nuts on the back. and he would have driven it on the garden state parkway in the left lane.

I learned a great phrase the other day.

"The best time to plant a tree? Twenty years ago. The second best time? Right now."

the decline of tumblr is actually more tragic than the burning of the library of alexandria

how much quality yuri hentai was lost in the burning of the library of alexandria, huh cuck?

there were two morals to be learned from 2012-2016 fandom culture

1: Hiatuses can be fatal, especially if you have a young audience. If it takes you 2 years to make new content, some of your fans who were HS freshman are now HS juniors. some who were HS juniors are now in fucking college. People move on and forget the minor details of the lore.

2: Death has to mean something. if dead characters are routinely brought back, it erodes any sense of risk or potential consequences. it makes shit predictable and boring.

choose your fighter

I do all my coding in the best language: English

many momentous events in history, including the october revolution, were done purely "for the craic"

actually a reverse mortgage is when the bank pays me to buy a house. my city now, cunts!

living in the soviet union was just like minecraft. 

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