"Why is there no lesbian flag merch" asks person who has spent ages debating lesbian flag discourse

We already have self driving cars. They’re called automatic transmission you damn millennials

So I walk into a local middle school and it looks like things are going well.


a reason to cancel me: I have a thrasher shirt but I can't even skate

i'm like a watermelon. i have a hard outer layer, but if you break me open my insides are delicious!

*the president gets assassinated on live TV*


the microsoft outlook app for android is like a fat slow elderly horse. no I will not elaborate on this point.

sorry a victorian ghost ate me out last night and i learned some ye olde shitteth

You sons of bitches better appreciate Skyrim because it's the last good game Bethesda will ever release by the looks of it

introducing manchester, it's like westchester, for men

introducing MANCELED

it's like CANCELED

but for MEN

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