you can't assign me kin because how are you gonna put the kin in my brain. I am immune to kin

@lynnesbian getting a five star wanted rating in gta for downloading pirated anime

Beta testing a new me being your boyfriend program, its opt-in so lemmie know

some o y'all really be "favoriting" and "boosting" my posts, huh

introducing ANDRODUCTION


but for MEN

new video game idea: me, with a big hammer, enters the ocean with the objective of fighting all the crabs and lobsters over the property rights for the sea, but i realize that property rights are dumb and made up so i defect and join the crabs and lobsters and instead we invade Brazil and overthrow the Brazillian government and Jair Bolsonaro gets eaten by crabs and lobsters and also me

shrimpwave, heavy shrimp, dark shrimp, vaporshrimp, no shrimp,

actively working to decapitalize the g in god despite autocorrect's insistence

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