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This sounds like the same exact shit he said last time he spoke on TV. Get on with it!

my aim is to slowly become the most sectarian binch on the fediverse and be blocked by everybody. left sad and alone then I will be freed from corruption to form the purest vanguard

He's five minutes late. what the fuck is he taking a shit or something? Get the fuck on camera

Alright lads let's see what this clown in the white house has to say today

Haha yes fellow mans and womans, I too listen to marinara and the demons

Concept: a social network where the like dislike and share buttons are renamed "post fucking feet" "this ain't it chief" and "go on chapo" respectively

imagine being named randy. that's a horny word

if you try to sell me essential oils on Facebook i am 100% going to seduce your husband

If you don't boop when the opportunity presents itself you're a cop

Tripoli? ooh, sounds a bit too intense for me, how bout we start with just one poli?

🎢 wheeeeen it looks like a girl
with the head of a squirrel
that's a furry 🎢

*fascist pop punk voice*🎡kek yes, julian, cuck the libs wow, wikileaks supports donald trump now, post hentai, and let's all become alt riiight 🎡

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