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also preferably tell me who you are if you add me 🙂

pokemon go trainer code 

RPGs have gender options with actual depth challenge 2019

joke about genitals 

when someone genders me correctly without being weird about it

me: haha cats are so silly, how do you never get bored of hitting a ball around a track? it's just doing the same thing over and over again!

also me: oh boy time to do slayer tasks in runescape

imagine living in a haunted castle, just get a haunted apartment like the rest of us

joking about dysphoria/assigned gender 

is there an easy way to do seamless loops for GIFs? or is it just a matter of patience?

do you think 4:3 monitors will ever make a comeback

anybody wanna do a bit with me where we trade avis and headers and stuff. like freaky friday but for posting

they should have rubiks cube tournaments on espn

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