Rune-enchanted cant

regarding follower requests 

Rune-enchanted cant

pokemon go trainer code 

Rune-enchanted cant

hetero nonsense 

The real spells were the HTML tags all along

my favorite part of Dx2 so far is that you can shitpost about the demons in game

i didn't think this needed to be said, but lgbtq+ reddit has proved me wrong yet again. f u c k

hey if you don't think nonbinary lesbians are valid then eat shit

fun behind the scenes, i was originally going to select one of the bracketed options from the draft version, but then i thought, why?

i wish i could just get carried around in a cute [enby/girl/boy]'s backpack all day

if you are cis you are required to give me your money

i can't believe people still use the term sjw as an insult in 2019. at least cuck rolls off the tongue a bit

if you beat the mall cop in a fist fight then you get to steal from one store of your choosing without penalty

which for the record i find very funny and, as long as there's no modern, actually racist connotation, i will be using to insult obnoxious irish-americans

according to this random listicle, the word "hooligan" is a very old mean word for the Irish

Correction, read State and Revolution critically. Lenin can suck my dick but the book is in important piece of leftist theory and history

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