I’m really looking forward to this DWeb Meetup on May 4th!!!

Just look at the line up of speakers 😮

NFTs — Hope or Hype for Art?

@berserkx33 @anna @fun let me know any way I can contribute to the good vibes 😎

@berserkx33 @anna @fun I accidentally too many interviews for the job search this week, and immediately felt relief after logging back in here and hitting the timeline; it’s just so cute and chill 😍🙂

⁂ Alice channeled

Spread the news: EFF has a rare open position for a Civil Liberties Staff Attorney with Fourth Amendment, privacy law, national security, and surveillance expertise.

Are the Europeans up yet???

I just want y’all to have a great day 😭

OMG, I am living in a community of witches for the first time in like 4 years!!!


A witchy space for most any face! Whether a witch or a witch-respecter, join the coven that is free of fash, TERFs, feds, and bigots