you know what, I will cast a spell


(a single tower in San Francisco begins to collapse, slowly, irreversibly)

if you've played any light gun video game, the life bar of any boss is equal to the amount of bullets inside of the boss's body

when the bullets overcome the entirety of their cell mass, they are defeated "does it look like this radiation bothers me" as I recall all the fuel rods and then take one and stomp one underhoof until it's quarter-sized enough to fit in my reactor

let's not talk about how I got here in the first place

great, I can't remember something

it was like a toolbox thing or something on a dolly or four wheels with a sliding door that you'd have to shut yourself into to play PC games. it had a chair and everything in it. where is this picture??

@prpl and from I hear, Saudi Amaco's networks were very flat and had no sort of identity management whatsoever

@fun ah, I have responded to the correct thing

this gets confusing

this documentary is pretty good, it's a lot of people trying to describe magic and the Zohar and it just comes off as stiff

it is a bad spell, alas, uh, this is more for my shit dealing with Crowley

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