There is absolutely no reason why I should go to my psychiatrist without my collar on

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++

Transitioning, pre-HRT pic, selfie, EC, boosts and compliments++ 

Back to work! This time with a new shirt that I love. It also is quite booby which is very nice.

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It Halloween! So guess who's a little dressed up for work.

This girl. :blobcatuwu:

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Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++ 

You have absolutely no idea how much I identify with this image

And here I am, walking around the mall like this

Selfie, ec

Today's lunch was sushi, very good, tempura is delicious. I really needed it today because I've been sick half this week and it sucked.

Also have some yesterday pics where I'm very cute and very deserving of headpats

Selfie, ec, boosts++

Am tired hoodie girl on bus today please send me coffee and headpats

Selfie, ec, boosts++

I have a Twitter that I use mostly for art and gf stuff. I'm gonna start posting stuff there too, though not as much as here.

Please follow me

And please retweet my selfies

Very cute witches image attached

Some more selfies, I'm cute and my girlfriend @AliceInCords is cuter

Selfies, ec, boosts required

Is it already?

Thanks to that sweet E I'm actually getting a little femme and for the first time ever I feel good looking at myself and full body pictures.

So here's some recent pics of me.

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Emotions and trans feels (negative), selfie, ec 

This is what I'm known for in one server and I'm so embarrassed

Hi. I'm at an office party with my gf and I'm all dressed up. I think I look pretty great today tbh.

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++

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