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My gf @AliceInCords got me the cutest cat hoodie and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Selfie, ec, boosts++

Straight into meeting after getting to work and I'm sitting here with my gay laptop and gay mug and kitty shirt
Big business dressed clients
It's awesome

I'm bored at this meeting because they're talking about an automatic invoice reading that went wrong and I don't know anything about it so have a meeting selfie.

I'm really fucking gay and I love girls.

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++,

Help me they're desperately trying to match one broken invoice to a number in an excel sheet and they don't know which numbers. This is awful.

Ah they're promising new features without talking about a time estimate

It's a complex new feature

I'm stuck in another hell meeting where nobody knows anything more than last time. We're calling people randomly trying to figure out out.

Selfie, ec, boosts and compliments++

I do hope they understand that if you put a developer in 4 hours of meetings that they're gonna be brain tired after and not do nearly as good work

Throwback to yesterday that was emotionally draining at work (in a bad way) and at home (in a good way, but I'm still very tired kitty)

@2015_05_09 Wonderful hoodie, I hope you get out alive. Maybe play buzzword bingo?

@martintheg god I wish I could do that but we're not even good enough to do buzzwords, we're just trying to fix our office 365 installation

And thank you!!

@2015_05_09 But, but, if no one can do buzzwords, how do you write unenforceable vendor contracts? Madness!

@martintheg I don't know, but we're at the stage where I was the only one in the room out of 4 employees who wanted 2fa on our office 365 accounts, so you know like *our hecking email*, across the board for all employees

Which seems so utterly basic in 2019 but...

I'm so tired

@2015_05_09 Oh.... oh...... fuck. I feel your pain, we needed to roll out 2FA to meet metrics that had naught to do with the real world. Our O365 is still hanging out in the wind. Do your best

@Wayril @AliceInCords aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :blobcatmelt: thank you!!
And yes the shirt is the absolute best!

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