Rune-enchanted cant

Hi, it's me, @2015_05_09

If you don't know me then, hi! I'm Zoey. I'm a trans girl.

This'll be used to be a not so filtered version of my main account because believe me there's a bunch of things I want to toot but feel like it'd make my timeline look like crap

I'm in Spain and I miss my girlfriend a lot and I also want to start my E but I can't because I'm here

*incredibly linkedin voice* Sharepoint Framework Solutions

i've been reading and faving posts for the past half hour but i haven't said anything. it's kinda like when you're at a party at a friend of a friend's house and everyone knows each other amd you just end up nursing your drink at the outer edge of a conversation and saying "haha yeah"

There's some rumours flying around, so know this: I never have and never will be "horny on main"

bro, you know I love you and respect you and admire you, bro, like nothing can take that away, but bro... I also wanna eat that ass like happy hour sliders, bro

my hard drive platter remains perfectly still as the rest of the computer rotates at 7200RPM

The future of AI is pretending your system runs on machine learning but actually just having a human behind the curtains making the calls.

If anyone is getting a rib taken out to make it easier to suck their own dick, May I kindly request for you to donate to me? I want to have more ribs to make it harder to suck my own dick

My gay succulent son Gary keeps wanting to bring his friend Thunk over but I keep coming up with reasons to say no because I am afraid of Thunk

@apow Only cold showers, everyone has to wake up at 5:00, everyone has to spend 3 hours reading every day, everyone cleans their room, literally every human alive is a CEO after everyone took the advice of life coaches

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ¦³πŸ‘΅πŸ» Born Before 1989
I am stretch man
410,757,864,530 BULGED DISCS

Stressed out hackergal takes selfie at work trying not to crawl up into a big gay ball.

Selfie, ec

Very seriously considering changing my last name to "uwu"
If it goes through, and it could, I would become the most powerful trans girl alive.
"Zoey Uwu"

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