Rune-enchanted cant

Hi, it's me, @2015_05_09

If you don't know me then, hi! I'm Zoey. I'm a trans girl.

This'll be used to be a not so filtered version of my main account because believe me there's a bunch of things I want to toot but feel like it'd make my timeline look like crap

it's real thinkin about my girlfriend hours out here

YALL young queers are on that shit and got me fucked up, how the fuck are u trans, out, transitioning, a communist, and gay at 16???? when i was 16 i was just racist dude wtf

i live in a Big Fucking City and im a girl and im popular online and i have an amazing beautiful gf and amazing wlw friends and all my drinks are on someone else's tab

this is the fucking life and i wish i could go back and shove it in my twelve year old selfs face and show him there's a so much better, brighter, beautiful way

I go without tits for 27 years and now I get enough titty to wear a bra and I'm supposed to just... have tit??

No, I must talk about it. It consumes my mind with happiness.


Me, having sex for the third time :
Ah shit I really am a fake bisexual

I bought a bra today and holy fuck. I put it on and immediately so much pain disappears.

And yes, my tits growing still causes incapacitating pain some days. They're also very noticeable now. Which feels great. Except when they hurt a ton.

I also upped my dosage of E to what it should be and wow does it change my mood a lot more than before. And it already changed my mood a lot.

hello labour seller

i am extracting surplus value and i need your strongest labour

Hey, I love my girlfriend more than anything in the whole world and now I get 3 weeks with her and I could not be happier.

Selfie, ec

it's empowering to be like "there's a reason why ive been in pain most of my life and it's because im trans and gender norms have been imposed on me from a really vulnerable age but im done trying to do good by rules that hurt me".

Dude and guy is not gender neutral, don't call me any of those thank you :heart_trans:

I can't believe a manga actually had a good take on gender shit for once?

Dude and guy is not gender neutral, don't call me any of those thank you :heart_trans:

Me, Early Transition: "I'm just gonna put on some makeup to feel pretty and validated."

Me, Now: "FUCK, Makeup is Annoying! I'm already Cute and Validated!!"

Note: Will still do makeup for fancy occasions

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