@crookedfolkwitch oh yes!! i love music i love alt rock, indie, folk, country, rock, and jazz! some of my favorite artists are Pinc Louds, The Teeth, and Born Ruffians :-) i will give yours a listen right now

trying to find friends on this but the communities seem so insular :-(

i am using this account whether i like it or not

i’ve been so tired all the time and i deadass don’t know what to do about it but it’s low key stressing me out

found my friends old lookin book and i remembering how much i lov lil my

worm channeled
worm channeled
worm channeled

We hear the crow and wail with confusion. You know the crow and wail with contentment. The crow sees you but does not scream.

worm channeled

i think we could all use a little less of, 'hot takes', and a little more of, 'hot gives'. just my two cents

also there’s this girl construction worker and my heart b ....👀😩

i love just shouting out the first thing i have in joy and the startled happiness i get in return! seeing the construction worker’s smile as i walked past made me so happy!!

i’m trying so hard to meet the world half way. everything starts at the end of myself

met someone today who reminded me of myself when i was 14. part of me hated them on principle out of rejection and embarrassment of my past but i needed kindness back then. so i was calm and kind and smiled often and while they didn’t reciprocate with eager words they thanked me for listening to their opinion

@queerquill thank you!! i’ve always loved the witch community 🥰

angels r just if u combined a sweater and a trumpet

when someone reaches out a hand towards me in kindness i’m learning to grasp it with both hands - to welcome that kindness into my life like it’s all i’ve ever waited for and to give that kindness back over and over again

an of myself would go as follows... id begin by saying my name is niko and that i self id as foolhardy. ive been practcing on and off for 5 years and want to delve back in. im trying to focus on love and kindness and activism against a fascist regime - i like a lot of things but mostly i like people and the sun and cooking and warm things.


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