Enter discipleship

trying to find friends on this but the communities seem so insular :-(

@01 Hi! :blobcatpeek:

Would you like to share, which kind of things you prefer (music, books, etc.). I start: I love Daemonia Nymphe (maybe you know them, if not you can find something here: daemonianymphe.bandcamp.com/ ).

@crookedfolkwitch oh yes!! i love music i love alt rock, indie, folk, country, rock, and jazz! some of my favorite artists are Pinc Louds, The Teeth, and Born Ruffians :-) i will give yours a listen right now

@01 The music of Pinc Louds is so fun, sounds great ("Aire acondicionado" made me laught). Love the voice of the lead singer.

The Teeth honour the influences they have, liked it also.
The Ruffians is really likeable (wanted a beer after listening haha)

First impressions though. Got to continue listening.

Got to say I like other music genres also. Try listening to Santa Sabina (mixing jazz with rock, the voice of Rita Guerrero is beautiful). Also DLD (one of my favourites). Eric Kaija Guerrier.

Which others you recommend. What about books (or movies)?

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